Natural Flea Remedies

Natural Flea Remedies  - Are They Safe?

There are many wonderful aspects of dog ownership, and finding effective natural flea remedies can help make one of the downsides of having a four legged best friend easier to deal with. The truth is that a flea infestation is not only unpleasant for both you and your dog, but it can be dangerous for your pet, leading to skin infections and other complications.

While there are many commercial flea products that are effective, some pet owners would rather not use them for a variety of reasons. Some simply cannot afford them while others are worried about the potential side effects of using a chemical product on their dogs.

Whatever the reason, some would rather find natural flea remedies. However, some feel that the home remedies also present a set of dangers. Still, some pet owners would rather take a chance with a natural remedy. Below are some home treatments that you can try.

Like the old saying teaches, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is certainly easier to try and prevent a flea infestation than to treat one. If you do think your dog has fleas, you will want to try and kill the fleas as soon as possible.

Fleas multiply at an alarming rate. Hesitating even a few days can be the difference between a small infestation and a large one.

One way to kill fleas on your dog is by washing him with certain types of an herbal shampoo. Look for one that has pine cedar, citronella, rosemary or juniper.  You will want to avoid getting the shampoo on your pets face. Start by pouring some water on your dog’s neck and then massage a good amount of shampoo into his neck and under his chin. Then you can begin shampooing the rest of his body.

Do not rinse as you go. Instead, you want to leave the shampoo on his entire body for as long as possible. You will need to massage deeply, making sure that the shampoo reaches right down to the skin.

Leave it on for a minimum of fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Keep in mind that while this will kill fleas, it will not kill the eggs. You may have to repeat the process a few times in order to kill all of the fleas.

Some have found success in flea prevention by adding certain elements to their dog’s food. Adding walnut hulls (in capsule form) or sulphur is thought to act as a flea preventative.            TALK TO YOUR VET BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING TO YOUR PET’S DIET.
Of course, not all natural flea remedies will prove to be effective for every pet, so success is not a guarantee with these methods.  Also, as already mentioned, there are potential dangers with natural flea remedies.

That is why you should always talk to your vet before adding anything to your pet’s diet or bathing him with any product other than those intended for use on animals. Your vet will be able to guide you in the safe use of such remedies as well as point out any potential dangers involved with trying them.

You might find that one or more of the natural flea remedies above will help keep your pet – and home – flea free.