Flea Removal

All About Proper Flea Removal

Proper flea removal is a four-step process that will require various products to be used for each step.  The first step involves getting rid of the fleas that are on your pets.  Most flea removal products last for about a month, so you’ll need to purchase more flea medication every month to keep the fleas off your animals.  Different flea medications treat different pests in addition to fleas, so read the label to see what other pests the medications will take care of.  

Another thing to consider when purchasing a flea medication is that some of them will also kill flea eggs, while others only take out adult fleas.  Again, read the labels to gain a complete understanding of the medication you’re buying.

The second step in proper flea removal is clearing your home of fleas.  Start by vacuuming your carpets, but remember that fleas can live inside your vacuum cleaner.  That’s why it’s important to also use a spray or powder.  Flea control powder is nice because you can sprinkle it around your home immediately after you vacuum.  Let the powder sit on your carpet for several minutes. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle the powder in areas that are hard to reach with the vacuum cleaner.  After the powder has had some time to kill the fleas left in your carpet after you vacuumed, then it’s time to vacuum the powder up.  Use the hose that comes with your vacuum cleaner to get the powder you sprinkled in those hard to reach areas.  The powder then goes into your vacuum cleaner and kills the fleas inside of it. 

If you prefer to use a spray, you should still vacuum first.  Then use the flea control spray throughout your house.  You may want to spray your entire home right before you leave for the day.  After you spray your house, then you need to treat your vacuum cleaner.  The flea control spray works best with bagless vacuums.  You can take the filter out and spray it.  Also spray inside the canister where any fleas might be hiding.  Don’t spray too heavily because the air inside your vacuum cleaner will circulate throughout your house the next time you vacuum.  Just spray enough to kill any fleas that are living inside the vacuum cleaner.

The third step in proper flea removal is treating your linens.  Wash all your bed sheets in hot water.  Depending on how bad the flea infestation is, you may even need to treat the sheets in the linen closet.  Most of your clothes should be fine since you wear them regularly anyway.  Don’t forget to wash the curtains when you’re washing the sheets.

Finally, don’t forget to treat the fleas in your yard.  This can easily be done with a good pesticide that’s formulated to kill fleas.  Just spray it all around your house and yard.  This should keep your pets from bringing more fleas into your home when they come in from being outside.